Maybelline Clear Smooth All-in-one Shine-Free Foundation Review

This is my 1st ever Blog, May 15, 2013, time check: 1:55 pm. I never thought that the idea of being a blogger will ever come to my mind, but then, It came. Maybe because in the past few months I keep on reading travel and beauty blogs and got inspired. The idea of being a  Teen Make-up Blogger came to me last night, I guess it’s around 11 pm. The idea just came to my mind, It just popped in fully-formed into existence and without second thought, in the same minute,  I told it to my mom and asked permission if could start blogging. She allowed me and told me it is a good idea as a teen and so I decided to start blogging the day after. Exactly 14  hours and 55 minutes ago, being a blogger was never in my thoughts but the idea just came to be, and now, Just after 15 hours, I am a newbie blogger just starting her first blog. So, let me introduce my self first, I am a Teen Make-up Blogger from the Philippines. Yes, I am still a teen so  I plan to write mainly reviews about cosmetics and other teen stuff but I also plan to partially write blogs with topics related to life of the teens like me. ENJOY READING!

Smiles and Thanks, 
FAITH, The Teen Make-up Blogger

Disclaimer: I am not in anyway affiliated with Maybelline and whatever i say in this is based on my own opinions and experiences. Maybelline did not send me their products so i could test in and write a blog about it. Therefore, this is NOT an advertisment but a blog of a review about this product so maybe it can help other people, especially teens like me for other personal purposes of theirs. The products that i mentioned here are what i used and tested  and bought personally by my own money.

Let us now begin with my experience with this product:

Maybelline Clear Smooth All-in-one Shine-Free Foundation

This is the refillable rectangle compact  worth P249. Refill is also avaible at P149 but it doesn’t have mirror and separate sponge compartment, but it has a plastic sheet as partition to the powder and sponge.


What I have is the ”to go” or trial version of this compact which is worth P99. It is round but when measured in the middle it is about 2 inches wide and 2 inches tall.Inside it includes an attached mini mirror and a sponge applicator but the applicator doesn’t have a separate compartment so it is over the powder and separated only by a plastic sheet. I bought the mini compact because I want to try first if the product has enough good quality for me to repurchase and get the refillable compact version for P249.


(I don’t have a picture of this of my own) photo taken from:

So here is my Review about this product:

This product claims:

Shine Control – Blend of water and sebum repellent powders keep skin matte and wonderfully  fresh throughout the day.

High UV Protection – SPF 25, among the highest in sun protection shields from skin darkening and PA++ for added protection.

Instant Fairness – Infused with pro Vitamin C it instantly makes skin look fairer and more natural.

Imperfections Blend Away – Ultra fine powders and coated pigments effortlessly cover spots for fair and even skin.

Long Lasting – Breathable and lightweight, makeup stays true and even throughout the wear.

Visibly Smooth Complexion – Silky soft texture glides to visibly even out skins surface for a smooth complexion.

Conceal Blemishes – Blemishes are instantly concealed traceless. Skin looks flawless.

Tone Perfecting – Developed for South East Asian skin tone, each shade blends effortlessly all over for a natural non-cakey finish.

                              oil-free . non-comedogenic . gentle on skin

My ”SAY” about the claims of this product:
             Shine control- .(Consider that I have a very oily skin and usually my bare powder only lasts perfectly for 30 minutes and then starts wearing off and then there is no trace of make up in me after 2 hours.) With this powder, I used in going outdoors and for the first 30 minutes it is still perfect but then again started wearing off and when I arrived at home 1 hour after my 1st application I am oily but i am less oily than I am when i am using my other powder. But when used indoors it lasts on me perfectly for about an hour and then starts wearing off again so after 2 hours i oily but then again i am less oily when I am using my other powder. So with its shine control properties, it is not that long lasting but it is longer lasting than my other powder.
            High UV protection: It says that it has SPF 25. But I have no Idea on how to test it.(unless i will lie under the sun Head-on)
            Instant fairness- It says that it has this certain vitamin but for me I DID NOT experience any instant fairness but it DID look natural on me because I choose the shade (natural) same with my skin tone.
           Dark Spots Blend Away- I don’t have dark spots but I have a very small pimple on the forehead and it was concealed. My eye bags also lightened although not hidden.
           Long Lasting- Well, It is not long lasting for me (I have very oily skin) But it is LONGER lasting than my other powder in the aspect of shine-control.
           Visibly smooth complexion- I don’t have bumps on my face so basically it is naturally smooth. But i can say that is still improves my complexion because my face is smoother to look at and smoother and non oily (at first) to touch.
             Conceals blemishes and pores- I have large pores and when i used this it did not concealed my pores totally but It looked a little smaller.
            Tone perfecting- It blends well on my skin so my skin tone looks naturally perfect even though i have a little tan on my cheeks.
– reasonable priced
– convenient and lightweight
– does not cause me to break out (for now…)
– always available and easy to buy
– 4 shades to choose from
– blends on skin naturally
– already good even when used alone (good coveage)
-not long lasting for very oily skinned people
(but longer lasting compared to my other powder)
– the sponge included is unsuitable because when you pat it in the powder many amount of powder sticks only into sponge and not in your face so it is so time consuming to pat again and again because only very minimal amount of powder goes into your face and most just goes to the sponge. Another point is that it is very wasteful that most of the powder you purchased goes to the sponge and not in your face (so i suggest you use other puff like the ones in Johnson’s oil-control powder) in short, you will waste time and money if you use the sponge included because you will apply it in your face longer and will hit the pan sooner and have to buy sooner again.
OVERALL: I like the product even though it is not that ”long lasting” in the aspect of ”shine control” because i am already used to the fact that i am oily skinned and all products are really not long lasting to me. I liked this product mostly because even if it is not that long lasting it is still LONGER LASTING than my other powder. Another thing is when i tested its claims (except the SPF 25 claim) It is true and met my standards. So if ever I hit the pan and it still retains the consistency of its quality then i will repurchase but buy the refillable compact version. The problem with the sponge for me is tolerable as i can use other puff applicator from my other powder.
Faith, Teen Make-up Blogger

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